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United Pilot Tentative Agreement

Of the 16,370 employees whose jobs were at risk at the end of the month, 2,850 were pilots. Another 6,920 were cabin crew, so a significant number of ground workers, auxiliaries and others were still concerned about their jobs. Without wishing to remove the splendour of United`s pilots` agreement, it seems that the tip of the iceberg is in terms of job losses. This is a trend that we have seen across the industry. “United pilots have always dealt with each other through past bankruptcies, mergers, strikes, September 11 and other negative events affecting the airline,” said Captain Isler. “I am convinced that the global pandemic of COVID 19 is another challenge that we will face. Thanks to the unity and determination of the pilots, we will leave a lasting legacy for future generations of United drivers. “Hundreds of thousands of cabin crew need the CARES extension, but with pilots just a few weeks away, we`re looking forward to it,” Insler says. Earlier, United and the union, which represents more than 13,000 pilots, said they had agreed on the principle of job rescue, but declined to provide further information and said details were still being worked out. Once the details of the agreement have been finalized, it will have to be ratified by union members. CHICAGO (Reuters) – A tentative agreement between United Airlines UAL. O and the union representing their pilots would distribute the airline`s flight plan to more pilots to avoid Furloughs, two people familiar with the case said Wednesday.

The United chapter of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) says on September 16 that the agreement is a “temporary lifeline” for the 2,850 United pilots who had been warned that their jobs could disappear after October 1. The Chicago-based company warned last week that it planned to avoid 2,850 of its 13,000 pilots with more than 13,500 employees in other functions, amid a steep drop in air traffic during the coronavirus pandemic. The interim agreement reached by negotiators on September 9 was approved on Wednesday by an overwhelming majority of the 19-member Master Executive Council of the United chapter of the Air Line Pilots Association, which has virtually met. The vote was 16-3. The airline said last week that it planned to lay off or lay off about 16,000 workers, including 2,850 pilots, as of October 1, unless it received additional federal funding from Congress. United ALPA stated that the interim agreement met its targets for preventing pilot attacks by June 2021; offers a second round of options for premature separation for pilots aged 50 and over with at least 10 years of experience; Limits Express-Carrier flight and provides triggers for additional salary and contract changes. While details of the agreement were not disclosed, CNBC reported on a memo from Todd Insler sent to members of the United Airlines chapter of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) indicating that the agreement allowed experienced pilots to save the jobs of junior pilots who would be laid off. “We supported each other,” he said. “How can you turn your back on them when they need it most?” By increasing the number of pilots, United could quickly use temporary or faster demand trains. Subsequently, Southwest and Spirit entered into agreements with their pilots` unions in the United States and other airlines on the other side of the pond entered into satisfactory agreements.

While this is good news in itself, there are still a number of job roles on the line. “This [provisional] agreement underscores our commitment to all 13,000 United pilots and represents the importance of the creative solutions needed to mitigate the mass layoffs of our pilots,” said Todd Insler, president of the airline`s pilots` union.