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Transport Fare Agreement

4.1 When a passenger`s journey begins and ends in the same country, the transport service and liability limits are subject to the legislation in force in the country concerned. If the passenger`s travel is international, the Warsaw Convention, the Montreal Convention or any other applicable international regulations apply, if applicable. These agreements and regulations will, if applicable, control the airline`s liability limits in the event of the passenger`s death or bodily harm, as well as flight delays or cancellations, as well as the loss, delay or damage to baggage. 2.16 The airline undertakes to do everything in its power to transport passengers and their baggage within a reasonable time. The airline cannot guarantee compliance with the timetables indicated on the ticket or on any other publication, as they could change abruptly due to a case of force majeure, security reasons or other exceptional circumstances. The airline will take all reasonable steps to avoid any delay in the transport of its passengers and luggage. The airline assumes no responsibility for the connections for events not attributable to it. 2.8 All passengers who do not show up for the trip, arrive late for boarding and/or check-in for the corresponding flight, or compromise the safety of the flight in a manner described in paragraph 2.6 above, lose their ticket and may re-register it for another date if the fare conditions on the ticket permit this change. Any changes to the date, place of departure, destination or itinerary of the ticket, as well as any refund of the amount paid, are subject to the conditions and restrictions of the fare reserved by the passenger. However, if the passenger does not make the trip and the non-payment does not authorize the refund of the ticket, the passenger can ask the airline to refund all airport taxes that are refundable on the basis of the rules and regulations of the country concerned.

In the event that these taxes were not included in the amount paid (i.e. when they were withdrawn directly from the airport), the passenger must request this refund directly from the airport authority concerned, subject to the restrictions and rules mentioned above. 4.3 With regard to high-value goods and electronic devices, the passenger must carry these items in the form of carry-on baggage in order to be able to always control them, as the airline is only held responsible pending legal or applicable international conventions, if they are carried in the form of checked baggage. 4.4 The airline`s liability in the event of death or bodily harm to the passenger and/or in the case of loss of luggage, delay or damage during transport between two points in the same country is limited to the laws and regulations in force in the country concerned.