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This clause 26 applies to the termination of this agreement for any reason and remains in effect from the time this agreement enters into force and for 5 years [five] years after the end of this agreement. Historical records indicate that marital agreements date back to Ancient Egypt, when families negotiated these agreements on behalf of their children. Within 30 [30] calendar days from the effective date of this Agreement or at any time requested by Transnet upon request, the provider/service provider must certify in writing to Transnet that it complies with this clause and provide all the information that Transnet reasonably requests to verify compliance. According to the February 2006 agreement, “no party can challenge, challenge or attempt to overturn the arbitration decision.” Flexible Cancellation PolicyYou can terminate this Agreement within one day of the date of the contract or at least 30 days before the start date and receive a full refund of the original payment. DEPOSITThe deposit is held by Marketplace Services during the lifetime as a guarantee that all of your obligations under this contract will be fulfilled by you. The supplier grants the customer a free, irrevocable and non-exclusive licence (with a right to sublicensing) for the use of intellectual property rights that the supplier owns or developed prior to the entry into force of this Agreement and which the Customer reasonably needs to exercise his rights and enjoy the benefits of that agreement, including the services provided. In a May 3, 1991 agreement, Disney and Pixar agreed on the terms of the contract and signed in early July. The duration of the agreement (the “term”) begins from the entry into force of this agreement and ends at 11:59 p.m. on the eve of the 20th (20th anniversary) of the negotiation date (the “termination date”) or the date on which the agreement may be terminated earlier in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. The RPM access fee is charged from the effective date of this agreement and the registration operator pays this fee on an account indicated by ICANN within 30 calendar days of the billing date. On the date of the contract, the developer can obtain a loan from the National Infrastructure Bank (a “SIB loan”) of up to $million to finance a portion of the developer`s share of the cost of early work.