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Reseller Agreement With Customer

4.4 In addition to all consulting fees, the Zendesk subscriber reimburses all reasonable costs for travel, accommodation, communication, shipping and out-of-pocket expenses, including travel and accommodation changes resulting from the subscriber`s request that Zendesk has incurred for the provision of consulting services (“Expenditures”). Zendesk provides appropriate documentation for all expenses, as requested by the subscriber. 2.5 Only internal commercial purposes. If Zendesk has not otherwise authorized this Agreement or has not expressly agreed in writing by Zendesk, you cannot use the Services in any way if you are a service office or provide outsourced business process services on behalf of more than one (1) third party (other than related companies) on a single account. As a result, you agree not to concede, sub-license, sell, sell, outsource, lease, lease, transfer, distribute or sell services commercially to third parties, sublicensing, sell, outsource, lease, lease, distribute, distribute or resell commercially with other agents and end-users other than those authorized to promote your internal activities, unless Zskende has expressly agreed to others. Without limitation of the above, your right to access and use the API will also be subject to the restrictions and policies that Zendesk has implemented from time to time regarding the API, as described in the documentation or communicated to you in accordance with this Agreement. 12.2 Resilience. Neither party may cede the rights or obligations conferred on it by this agreement without the prior written consent of the other party. Notwithstanding the above, each party may transfer, as part of a restructuring, its rights and obligations under this agreement to a related company or an acquirer of its entity or, for the most part, to all its assets or operations, for which rights and obligations are conferred without the consent of the other party, provided that (a) the buyer is not insolvent or is not in a position to do so otherwise: to settle his debts when they mature; b) the buyer is not a competitor to the other party; and c) any agent is bound by this condition. Except for the above, any attempt to transfer the rights or obligations of one of the parties to this agreement is null and void. (i) What type of relationship will the dealer have with the end customer (for example.

B will the dealer enter into negotiations with the final customer or will only go through conditions dictated by the licensee)? 2.6 No competitive access.