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Ymca Wellbeing Agreement

When a client has entered into a temporary agreement or minimum commitment agreement and wishes to terminate their affiliation within the set time or minimum commitment period, the client must pay a cancellation fee of $150 or 25% of the remaining value of the contract, depending on whether the smaller amount of the two (2) amounts is the lowest. This excludes any advance for a specific YMCA booking or service if the termination clauses apply within the booking T-C. The client is committed to complying with these clauses under this contract. Here at the YMCA, it`s all about strong children, strong families and strong communities, which is why we take seriously the rights, safety and well-being of all children in our care and we offer an entertaining, educational and caring environment in which children love to be present. YMCA provides all services in accordance with our values of care, respect, responsibility and honesty. Clients under the age of 16 must have their affiliation contract submitted and approved by their legal guardian, who is legally responsible for complying with the membership conditions. The termination of the membership is carried out by the customer by written notification to a YMCA club. Customers have access to facilities during the notice period until the last day the customer paid, which is determined by YMCA`s confirmation of termination. All payments or cycle fees processed up to and during the notice period are non-refundable. YMCA may, at its discretion, immediately terminate the customer`s affiliation if the customer does not comply with these Terms and/or YMCA (which may vary from time to time) and/or club notifications and notifications on site and do not correct this error after one week of written notification. If this is an offence that cannot be corrected, YMCA can terminate immediately. An early termination by YMCA does not reduce the amount due by customers in accordance with the above terms.

In the event that YMCA terminates a fixed-term contract, the client will be reimbursed an amount corresponding to the residual value of the contract, net of the costs incurred by YMCA. Follow all club rules (available online on or club). The spirit of all YMCA facilities is to create an all-inclusive community environment to reach the customer`s potential. Customers agree to be respectful and have fun. If a customer violates any of the YMCA rules and/or acts in a manner contrary to the spirit of YMCA, YMCA may, at its sole discretion, terminate the customer`s affiliation in accordance with point 9 above. 3) This contract is not binding on YMCA until the application form has been signed by the Center Manager and the down payment has been made. 2) These conditions and the application form are the whole agreement between the parties. If more than 10 lessons are booked in advance, a drawout mandate can be agreed if you are an existing member of the club, please read the private lesson agreement on minimum demand Agreements that have a minimum duration of the obligation to maintain payments, after this minimum period, the contract will continue indefinitely until the client or YMCA terminates. Child protection is a fundamental part of our culture here at the YMCA. We have demonstrated this commitment by becoming the first Safeguarding Children accredited organization in New Zealand by the Australian International Renowned Children`s Foundation (ACF). We expect all our visitors to follow our appropriate behaviour policies in our centres – you will find more information in your local centre or