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Bissell Agreement

KUALA LUMPUR (March 1): VS Industry Bhd said it has signed an agreement with American Bissell International Trading Co BV to manufacture home care products under the Bissell brand on a boxing construction basis. According to today`s VS Industry stock exchange statement, the interim supply contract signed between Bissell and vs Industrys Guardian Southeast Asia Pte Ltd is valid for a period of three years from February 27 and can then be automatically renewed in one-year stages. Another strange thing is that the major manufacturers of Dyson have signed an exclusive collaboration agreement with Dyson. It goes without saying that VS still produces AirWrap products for Dyson. Right now, it is a rare commodity. If without Dyson permission, VS It is unlikely to work with others. How about the exclusivity agreement? Annuity: an insurer`s agreement on periodic payments that are maintained during the survival of the annuitant or for a specified period of time. The agreement began on February 27 and will be automatically renewed in a year post-activity, VS Industry said in a notification with Bursa Malaysia today. “The actual amount of the contract is determined on the basis of orders placed over the duration of the agreement,” he said. “The Commission does not expect the agreement to have a significant impact on the result of the current fiscal year as of July 31, 2019 (GJ19). KUALA LUMPUR: VS Industry Bhd has signed a three-year contract with vacuum cleaner manufacturer Bissell to manufacture its products on a boxing construction basis. As part of the agreement, Guardian will manufacture, assemble, package, label, test and sell the products to Bissell. “However, the agreement from the 20th year of the G2 would contribute positively to the results of the VS industry,” she added.

On March 1, VS Industry announced that it had signed a three-year supply contract with Bissell, a U.S. appliance company, to manufacture its cardboard-based home care products. VS Industrial and Bissell have concluded a three-year cooperation agreement, which began on 27 February. The contract will be automatically renewed at the end of next year. This agreement does not specify the specific quantity and amount of the contract. On the 15th of each month, Bissell VS Industries will make forecasts for the next six months. As we all know, last year a large number of vacuum cleaner companies went to Southeast Asia to rent houses and build factories. However, the Chinese president and Trump agreed that customs would not change until March 1, so companies like Lexy have set their steps in Southeast Asia. Before, I spoke to these old friends and I said that he had been abandoned. “The agreement does not contain contractual volumes and amounts,” he said. VS Industry shares closed 10 or 9.55% higher at RM1.09 – their highest level in 11 weeks – with a market capitalization of $1.97 billion .RM.